Love Island week one recap: Drama, laughter & breaking the girl code

Platform’s Brandon Boyd is keeping us updated on what’s happening in the villa…

Monday, June 3

Love Island series five has begun, and we were introduced to the first ten singles. Before any of the Islanders went in, I liked the look of Michael and Callum, who both seemed quite confident, looked attractive and didn’t seem cocky about themselves. In terms of the girls, I felt like they all had something unique to offer, but I wanted to root for the North London girl Anna!

In the first episode, the five girls were getting to know one another in the villa, and hostess Caroline Flack appeared to ask each of the boys to select a girl to couple up with. In the end, we found out that the five couples were:

  • Anton & Amy
  • Sherif & Anna
  • Michael & Yewande
  • Joe & Lucie
  • Callum & Amber

But the episode didn’t finish there! We said hello to two new boys, Curtis Pritchard (younger brother of AJ Pritchard) and Tommy Fury (younger brother of Tyson Fury), and also found out that even though Joe picked Lucie, Anton was still interested in finding out more about her.

Anna didn’t step forward for any of the guys, as she didn’t feel that initial attraction, and was coupled up with the final boy Sherif. Tommy and Curtis’ bromance began and they were both interested in getting to know some of the other girls!

Tuesday, June 4

In episode two, the Islanders were getting to know each other. The main vibe that a lot of people were getting from this particular episode was that Callum and Amber weren’t interested in one another, so it was pretty awkward to see them speaking.

Curtis and Amy sparked up a conversation and shared a common interest in High School Musical, which was an interesting way for them to flirt, and Curtis also found himself discussing with Tommy about why he wanted to get to know Amy better.

The first game was also introduced in this episode – there were statements written on a board, and the islanders had to collectively decide who matched the statement. During this game, we found that Yewande has “only slept with one person” (correctly guessed by Anton), and Callum “cried at The Notebook“.

The rest of the episode consisted of trying to work out who was starting to like who. Curtis pretty much told Amy that he found her very attractive and that he wanted to try and start something with her, Tommy was in denial as to whether he liked Lucie or Amber, and Anton hadn’t found a connection with any of the girls – even though he was grafting hard!

Wednesday, June 5

During this episode, there was a lot more discussion between different people and we found out that both of the new boys (Curtis and Tommy) got to pick someone to go on a date with – Curtis chose Amy, and Tommy chose Lucie.

On the date between Curtis and Amy, they were discussing Curtis’ professional dancing career and Amy’s air hostess role – meanwhile, Tommy and Lucie were discussing boxing and modelling, respectively.

Upon their return to the villa, there were a variety of different discussions that involved Joe, Lucie and new boy Tommy. Joe and Curtis were talking about Lucie and how Joe didn’t initially feel that connection but wanted to continue getting to know her.

In addition to this conversation, Amy and Lucie also had a private chat about the date she went on with Tommy and how Joe made her feel like she did something wrong – Tommy went into the villa and the public decided that he go on a date with Lucie, and she felt she couldn’t just say no.

Later on in the episode, we see Joe and Lucie having a sit-down discussion on the swings. Tommy and Amber were also discussing the situation, and he asked her if she could hear what Joe and Lucie were discussing. Tommy finally realises that it’s not going to work with Lucie, so sparks up a conversation with Amber, who quickly sees he is just ‘grafting’ due to being unsuccessful with Lucie.

The episode ended with the entrance of new girl Molly-Mae Hague, a 20-year-old social media influencer, completely changing the mood.

Thursday, June 6

Before Molly-Mae was able to meet the other islanders, she was given the opportunity to go on dates with any two guys from the villa, single or coupled up.

Before either of her two dates, we saw Joe in conversation with both Amber and Michael, discussing how his feelings for Lucie were getting stronger and stronger!

Anton was also trying to graft with Sherif’s partner Anna, as he wasn’t feeling much of a connection with Amy, and knew that she was more interested in Curtis. This was an interesting episode, because Sherif said to Anton that he’s more than welcome to continue trying to graft with Anna, but that he hasn’t given up just yet.

We also saw Lucie eating an apple and a banana simultaneously – not an important part of the episode, but interesting nonetheless.

Friday, June 7

Back to Molly-Mae and her dates. Firstly, she picked Tommy and they got on really well – she tried to make several jokes (including “are you Furyious”) and while he didn’t seem to find them funny, he was still attracted to her.

For her second date, she chose Curtis, who she knew was talking to Amy but wasn’t to see whether there was anything serious or not. Curtis mentioned to Molly-Mae that “nobody was really with anyone” in the villa, being slightly shady towards Amy who he had coupled up with – but pretty much friend-zoned Molly-Mae straightaway as he didn’t feel a connection.

Initially, the girls didn’t like the approach of Molly-Mae attempting to ‘steal’ Curtis from Amy and began talking to her about ‘girl code’. Lucie and Amy had a quick chat discussing Molly-Mae’s choice of picking Tommy for the date and that it breaks said code.

Anna convinced Molly-Mae that after having a chat with Tommy, she’ll probably be more interested in him. Molly-Mae also kept her options open and began conversations with both Callum and Michael, trying to work out who she is interested in the most.

The final part of this episode was the first recoupling of the season, causing some changes to the couples formed on Monday:

  • Joe and Lucie (unchanged)
  • Tommy and Molly-Mae (new couple)
  • Michael and Yewande (unchanged)
  • Curtis and Amy (new couple)
  • Sherif and Anna (unchanged)
  • Anton and Amber (new couple)

Callum wasn’t picked and therefore had to leave the island, making room for Danny to enter the villa!

Sunday, June 9

On the seventh day in the villa (and the sixth shown on TV), we saw how the new couples were getting along. Tommy and Molly-Mae were getting on very well, with Molly-Mae teaching him new terms such as “getting chived” – but this didn’t last long!

Sherif and Anna weren’t really going anywhere, so Sherif asked her if she was interested in him – she replied with “You haven’t asked me enough questions”.

Anton and Amber were talking, but I felt like Anton was taking over the conversation and didn’t really let any of the girls speak when he was in conversation with them.

Molly-Mae and Lucie also began having a discussion about Tommy, and were saying that during every conversation, he would turn the topic of conversation to boxing. This made both girls decide whether he was the right guy for them.

Well, that was it for the first week of Love Island! Until the next Love Island round-up, have a great week and don’t get yourself tangled up in any drama!

By Brandon Boyd

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