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Student removed from Mansfield nightclub after refusing to remove turban

A student was removed from a nightclub in Mansfield after he was told by security he could not wear his turban.

Amrik Singh, who is studying at Nottingham Trent University, said he was  left “heartbroken” after security forcibly removed him after stating that headgear was not allowed.

He said in a Facebook post: “I explained that a turban isn’t just headgear, but part of my religion and that it protected my hair – and that I was allowed to wear a turban in public.

“The bouncer ignored this and said I needed to take it off. I refused and was subsequently dragged away from my friends.”

After being removed and asking to speak to someone in charge, he recorded the conversation in light of the incident that happened at Sandby Halls where a student was racially abused.

“The fact that I was being removed because of my religious views really upset me.

“My ancestors have fought for the British army previously.

“Furthermore, me and my parents were born in Britain and all uphold British values,” he continued.

He was eventually let back in, but was told in future he would have to remove his headgear.

Amrik was left disgusted by the incident, and urged Rush to take action against its security staff.

We have contacted Amrik Singh and Rush Bar for statements.

By Eve Smallman

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