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Top Instagrammers for learning to love yourself

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I would be lying if I didn’t say that days go by where I don’t obsess over the way I look. And by this, I don’t mean the good things.

I mean the horrifying fact I am not a size 6, and the whole population obviously looks at me lower in the society rankings for this. The way I have to wriggle and squeeze into my denim skirts and jeans, that the top I bought only a few months ago doesn’t fit me anymore.

These thoughts mount into a huge heap in my head, ready to combust into roaring flames when I allow them to do so. Queue tears.

But there are also days where I look in the mirror and know that what I am seeing is only an exterior which holds no correlation with what I’m capable of. The fact I am dressed, fresh-faced and ready to start the day is the only thing that matters.

Learning to love how you look is not easy, but everyone has perfections if you allow yourself to see them. And this starts with surrounding yourself with the right people. In this modern world, this means the people you stalk, follow and obsess over on social media. Here are some people I think are a worth an insta follow for this…

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham, ASHLEY F***ING GRAHAM. If I could only ever recommend one person for you to follow on social media, it would be this spectacle of a woman. It’s refreshing when an Instagram post of hers comes onto my feed. The confidence she has, and rightly so, to her appearance and lifestyle is like drinking an ice-cold glass of water.

Truth: I’ve had cellulite since I was 11 years old. #ImNoAngel @lanebryant

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Gabi Greggs

Gabi Gregg’s wardrobe alone is what dreams are made of, but how she wears these clothes is what makes her so fabulous. Blood red oranges, fuchsia pinks and multi-coloured florals are what brings her figure and personality to life.


Bo Stanley

With her beautiful posts that come along with even more beautiful comments, fill your feed with seeds of positivity that hopefully will flower in your head. She lets her followers know the body she has is to transport her through her dreams, and not to look the way that is deemed as ‘pretty’.

I’ve never been considered “small” , or dainty . Two things that used to make me feel insecure because those were two things the media taught us to be as women. My journey to self love truly began when I finally saw those two things as my biggest strengths, my version of beauty and my overall femininity. I’m built to be strong and capable and my body does amazing things for me. And I would rather be the athlete that I am than have thighs that don’t touch or small arms that couldn’t paddle me anywhere or hold me up . And it can be as easy as that. Just shift your idea of what your insecurities are and turn them into your strengths and soon you will find beauty in it all . Everytime you start thinking otherwise “change the channel” in your head . Make a pact for yourself and the women in your life . Correct your girlfriends when they start talking negativity about their bodies , and soon enough you won’t have to change that channel anymore . You will embody self love from the inside out💗 #strongisbeautiful #bodylove #selflove #allwomen

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Troy Solomon

Troy Solomon in my opinion is the definition of sass. His posts are empowering to the level I want to get up dancing on that chair channeling my inner Beyoncé.

Who says boys can’t wear crop tops? 😏💅🏼 #GoodSquad #GoodAmerican #ABearNamedTroy

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Kelvin Davis

Kelvin Davis, THE Kelvin Davis (who I think I am slightly in love with) Instagram is stunning. Most, if not all, of his posts are filled with an infectious smile and this kind of positivity is what we need.

Me pointing to all the haters who said I was “too fat” to be a model! #lovethyself #effyourbeautystandards

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The list is endless, but realising how positive these people are with their appearance should hopefully allow you to start looking at all the positive things about yourself.

After all, a picture says a thousand words.


By Rachel Boulter

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