Opinion: Why Gilmore Girls is the PERFECT autumn watch

While autumn is my favourite season for many reasons, one of its best qualities is the excuse to re-watch Gilmore Girls! When “Where You Lead” (by Carole King) starts playing you know it’s time to light some candles, make a hot drink and wrap up in a cosy blanket in front of the TV.

From the red/orange intro, to the cosy look of Lorelai’s home, Gilmore Girls makes us crave those breezy autumn walks and cosy nights in.

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s set in a small town and close community called Stars Hollow following the lives of mother and daughter Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) and those around them.

The familiarity of Lorelai and Rory’s routines makes you feel involved and close to the show, giving a sense of comfort along and the autumn scenery throughout. With community events consistent on the show and full of the best autumn decorations, it makes it such a comfortable watch when the weather outside turns cold. As well as this, the continuous obsession with coffee and pancakes in Luke’s diner brings even more autumnal vibes, especially as a coffee drinker, as we  transition from the weather of iced coffee in the summer, to hot drinks in the autumn.

Image credit: Warner Bros/The Everett Collection

My favourite autumnal factor personally, is the girls fashion sense. The early 2000’s autumnal/winter wear worn by Lorelai and Rory makes me envy their wardrobes and makes me want to get my winter jackets out no matter the weather! If you’re a fan of this era of fashion the show will definitely give you some inspiration for your university lectures and seminar outfits this autumn!

Finally, Rory’s dedication to her education and reading gives huge back-to-school vibes, very fitting in September/October time! Her love of reading always makes me want to pick up a book and curl up in bed early.

If you’ve seen the show before and agree with me, there’s a list of all the books that Rory reads throughout the show attached here.

Honestly, Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows to binge, as it makes me feel like my favourite season is here in full swing. I hope that everyone who watches it finds it just as much of a comfort as I do!

By Beth Crosby

Feature image: Warner Bros/The Everett Collection

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