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A look back at London Fashion Week 2018

London Fashion Week 2018 invited bizarre and wonderful trends like never before.

In February 2018, The Store Studios was buzzing with famous designers as they channelled their inner creativity and offered the audience an unpredictable runway show.

Some designers, such as Christopher Kane and Burberry, celebrated sexual liberation and pride with colourful outfits and feather trimmed dresses with slogans such as ‘more joy’, while others like  Matty Boven showcased unpredictable trends with his use of helium balloon headpieces.

Gucci put on an unforgettable show, with their models carrying their own heads and dragons down the runway.

London Fashion Week’s most popular and spoken about guest was the Queen, who attended Richard Quinn’s runway collection.

Photo credit: Vogue

Famous model Cara Delavigne graced the runway modelling for Burberry. She wore a long white two-piece, topped with a long-line pride coat.


Photo credit: Vogue

Christopher Kane’s models executed his collection which celebrated sexuality. Illustrations from the original editions of ‘The Joy of Sex’ and ‘More Joy of Sex’ printed on feather trimmed dresses.

Photo credit: Vogue


Matty Boven’s models graced the runway with their helium balloon headpieces and mash-up dresses which consisted of different styles and colours; with the colour of their shoes matching the top half of their wardrobe.

Photo credit: Vogue

Richard Quinn executed a floral-print extravaganza for his royal guest. Chinoma Nnadi stated ‘’few people on the planet can claim to have had an audience with the Queen. Count Richard Quinn, the first recipient of Her Majesty’s British Design award, is in that lucky group’’.


Photo Credit: Sky News

The Queen appeared to enjoy Richard Quinn’s floral runway show, with front row access and a special cushioned seat, especially for Her Majesty. She was seated next to Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, who sat next to the monarch’s dressmaker Angela Kelly.


Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Gucci turned a few heads with their bizarrely executed show. The models were dressed in woven suits, carrying a fake humans head as accessory pieces.


Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Not everyone was impressed by Gucci’s severed head themed show. Twitter users commented on the show stating ‘’Tell me I am not the only one freaked out with the human heads the models carried with them in Gucci fall/winter show’’. Another commented ‘’Real life freaks! This is not cutting edge, @Gucci- this is just ridiculous!’’.


Photo credit: BBC

Gucci definitely turned Game of Thrones into a fashion parade with another model carrying a life-like dragon in her arms, whilst wearing a denim co-ordinated outfit.

Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

Gucci also took inspiration from tiered pagoda with their all-black outfit.

From the Queen to a meaning and colourful celebration of love and sexuality, right down to the weird and quirky use of dragons and human heads, the sights at London Fashion Week 2018, were unforgettable in more ways than one.

By Mia Penny


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