What happened to the Victoria’s Secret 2019 Fashion Show?

This Fashion Brand’s annual show has been cancelled this year and perhaps, rightly so..

As it has recently been announced, the 2019 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been cancelled. This has not made as many headlines or sent strong enough shockwaves through social networks for it to trigger an internet war or earthquake of sorts, which is both sad and unusual given the brands high status in the 21st century amidst its large entourage of angels (the brands clan of models who catwalk on the runway) including Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrósio.

For many, the main question has of course been, why?

Here are some personal theories of mine, which may or may not be true. Let me break it down for you.

A lack of viewers –

Ever since its televised air debut in 2001, the show has since seen an unfortunate decline in viewership. Nor has it improved the company’s sales as its outcome.

A cultural issue –

The fashion show is notorious for having been accused multiple times of cultural appropriation. Whatever its definition may be, it has all in all – hit the company with a ton of backlash (since 2010) due to this issue alone. Examples of this include their 2010 theme for the show ‘Wild Things’, which saw Emanuela De Paulo in animal-print lingerie and all the male and female models surrounding her were oddly coloured in black shapes to ‘resemble’ the body art of indigenous people..

No. Stop it.

Clearly, nothing has been learnt since that inception as the show has been accused, multiple times after that event of the same issue.

A diversity issue –

There is no denying that the company or leader or some boss or top dog in the business has an issue with inclusivity and diversity. Both of these matter. Need I say more..

Beyond this, only ABC and CBS have both been hosts to the show. Will it ever return to either network? Will it ever return? Only time will tell.. If so, my first bet is on an online streaming service of sorts.

By Zach Omitowoju

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