EP Review: Cucamaras – ‘Till The Meter Runs Out’

Cucamaras have exploded onto the scene as of late and the new EP ‘Till The Meter Runs Out’ is a perfect reflection of this.

It’s another trip into the archives of Arctic Monkeys, a very ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ B side fest, but I’m not complaining at all about that. With Turner and co having moved onto to bigger and better (mostly) things it’s clear that there is a void to be filled with the raw youthful energy they brought to the stage in the early 2000’s – Cucamaras are here to give you that fix.

The EP is filled to the brim with riffs that slap you around the face and energy that kicks you to the curb, much like a night at Rock City, according to ‘City Thursdays’. Best on the EP is their new single ‘Glass Jaw’, which has gained acclaim from BBC Introducing and catapulted them onto the 2019 One’s To Watch list. With good reason too. With a stadium belting chorus and the reincarnation of Alex Turner on the vocals, the song is a proper homegrown Nottingham belter. Although a bit cliché  in places, it’s a novelty that I can’t see being a hinderance any time soon. Check these guys out live for full effect, but in the meantime, check out ‘Till The Meter Runs Out’ on all major streaming platforms.

You can stream ‘Till The Meter Runs Out’ here.

By Oli Aston

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