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Interview: Charles Cave from White Lies

White Lies bass player Charles Cave answers questions about their latest album ‘Five’ and what to expect from their UK tour.

The band from London are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut album ‘To Lose My Life…’ this year and their latest offering ‘Five’ proves White Lies have still got much more to offer.

So, it’s been 10 years since you put out your debut album in 2009. How has the last year been for you as a band? How much do you think you’ve changed?

I don’t think we’ve changed all that much. We’re a little wiser, perhaps. I think in our music we’re able to employ a bit more subtlety than we used to. But that’s all part of maturity. The last year has been great. It’s a wonderful feeling to be ten years into a career and having just made our best album.

Do you have any specific favourites from the new album? 

Live, I am really loving ‘Kick Me’. It feels like a special moment, and allows us to improvise and explore the song in new ways every night in a way that others don’t.

What was it like recording in the USA? Had you ever recorded in the US before this album?

We actually didn’t do any recording in the USA, just some pre-production. I really enjoyed our two weeks there. We lived out in a place called Thousands Oaks. We worked on the songs all day with Ed Buller then went back to our rented bungalow and sat drinking beer in the yard while the sun went down. Pretty peaceful.

What did you enjoy most about the process of making this album?

Everything. I enjoyed the entire process. That’s not to say there weren’t tough days, and frustrating weeks. But overall the feeling around the making of this record was hugely enthusiastic, and positive. Everyone working on it seemed to be enamoured with the songs, and that just made for a wonderful environment for six month

How come you chose to split recording the album between the US and the UK?

Ed Buller can’t leave the US while he waits for his green card. And we can’t make an album without his input. But we needed to record it in the UK for economical reasons, and for the studios we wanted to work in.

You can stream ‘Five’ on Spotify.

By Chloe Underwood and Becky Lumbard

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