Platform’s Spring Vibes Playlist

Spring into the best and blossoming tracks of the season with our list of songs we will be jamming out to this spring. Featuring Tame Impala, SZA, and many more…

Theophilus London, Tame Impala – Only You

This song’s dreamy, psychedelic feel pairs perfectly with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker’s synth sounds and Trinidadian rapper Theophilus London’s smooth vocals. Only You is their rendition of Steve Monite’s 1984 single of the same name. If the opening chords don’t make your foot bounce and your head go a bit woozy you may want to check your pulse.

Tame Impala – Is It True

This song continues the kind of boogie that Kevin Parker rolled out with Theophilus London for their cover of Only You. With an amazing bassline, it is easy to get lost in all the layers of the groovy, time-travelling sound but Is It True seems made for throwing shapes on a dancefloor.

¿Téo? – Orso (off top)

I truly believe my speaker is minutes away from exploding, and Teo is the one to blame. Teo’s vocals are inspiring here and work flawlessly with the composition which excellently blends a Spanish guitar, an 808, a piano, and a djembe. Released in 2018, Teo‘s single perfectly showcases his deep Colombian-American roots and influences.

The Magic Gang – Your Love

This delightful track tells a tale of lovesickness set to masterful instrumentation. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and tug on your heartstrings in equal measure. Your Love declares sadly: “I feel the rain roll down the windowsill if I could only feel your touch”, which is perhaps one of the first points in The Magic Gang’s debut album where the lyrics have felt more significant than the beat and instrumentation.

Spacey Jane – Booster Seat

This tune is a reflective number that explores feelings of trust, guilt and losing control. Winding about the rise and fall of a quavering guitar hook, the sweet-sounding Booster Seat is concerned with “feeling like anxiety and depression are taking control away from you,” lead vocalist Caleb Harper clarified in an interview in 2020. The cheery chorus embodies Spacey Jane’s talent for making light-hearted songs out of unpleasant circumstances whilst distributing passion through a mellow and lively melody.

Loyle Carner – Ice Water

This song is lifted from his sophomore album Not Waving, But Drowning, a project that is profoundly personal and highly entertaining. Listeners get to witness Loyle Carner’s genteel flow as he raps about the joys of falling in love and finally finding someone whom he can trust with his vulnerabilities. Soundtracked by a super smooth, timeless hip-hop sound that’s chaperoned by a joyful sample of Supersonic Megatonic Flash by Ice Water Slim, Carner works his way through the song with an equally relaxed delivery.

SZA – Good Days

Good Days begins with the most alluring, heavenly melody as the listener is invited into SZAs world of creativity and good vibes. Right as we think it couldn’t get any better, SZA throws her out-of-this-world voice into harmony. The same blissful harmony features once again at the end of the song. The listener gets to experience a journey that is hard to want to come back from.

Cosmo Pyke – Wish You Were Gone


Here we have an alternative/indie treat for the ear from singer-songwriter Cosmo Pyke. The South London songwriter and multi-instrumentalist dropped his debut EP in 2017 but this song has been on repeat ever since then; a warm, laidback affair that skips around psychedelic folk tinged with jazz and genuine soul. With a knack for juxtaposing blunt lyrics with very catchy melodies, the track is another example of why Cosmo Pyke is one of the most exciting artists around.

Harry Styles – Sunflower, Vol. 6

If you’re into dulcet melodies, this one is for you. Due to the unique style of the song, it’s apparent that Styles was testing the waters with his songwriting skills. I personally am a huge fan of the use of acoustics to ramp up the tone of this track, especially the feature of a sitar – which helps to create a nostalgic tone. Sunflower Vol. 6 is a nice relief from the rest of Harry Styles’ newest album because he introduces a whole new sound. This song is good for any time of day, regardless of what mood you’re in.

Daft Punk – Get Lucky (feat. Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers)

Get Lucky feels just as right in a sweaty club as it does sitting in your back garden. Sure, this song has been over-played by your local radio station as soon as your winter coat is exiled to the bottom of your wardrobe, but it’s an old-school tune that has been spun into a slice of electronic enchantment. This has been my song of the summer for 7 years now and personally, I don’t see anything topping it

By Megan Betts 

Feature Image Credit: Sai Kiran Anagani

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