Live updates as a Nottingham family tries to take in refugees fleeing Ukraine

Welcome to our liveblog about one Nottingham family’s efforts to take in Ukrainians who have fled war home in their home country.

This article will follow their attempts to use the UK government’s humanitarian sponsorship scheme to provide Ukrainian refugees with sanctuary in Britain.

Plans for a sponsorship route were announced by Home Secretary Priti Patel on March 1. 

But more than a week later on March 9 – when this article was published – no details had been released about how kind-hearted Brits could offer to house people escaping the worst European conflict since the Second World War.

Ukrainians with relatives in the UK can apply for visas if they meet certain criteria.

The Nottingham household involved in this article – a family of four from Gedling – wish to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of any refugees they may take in as part of this process.

The family has space to accommodate a parent and their children or up to two adults. They are willing to pay travel costs from anywhere in Europe and any visa applications fees as well as support their guests financially for as long as they need.

The earliest posts in the live feed below will detail the key developments between March 1, when the humanitarian sponsorship scheme was announced, and March 9, when this article was made live.

From March 9 onwards it will be updated whenever there is a new detail to cover as part of this story.

Platform hopes the last post will be about refugees arriving safely at the family’s home… whenever that might be.


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