NTU “unable” to release COVID-19 data

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) said they are ‘unable’ to reveal the numbers of students who contracted the virus and are isolating.

This was after most universities in England have revealed regular data of students who have been infected with coronavirus, including the University of Nottingham.

NTU students have asked the university to reveal data on the numbers of people infected with the virus.

In response, the university said they won’t post daily covid cases to “avoid confusion”.

After weeks of waiting and the county moving into national lockdown, the university has not revealed the numbers of the students infected or who are isolating.

A spokesperson for NTU said: “Whilst the University holds some data, it will be appreciated that students reside across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, within halls, private halls and within the community and the University has over 30,000 students who are enrolled across all three of its campuses.

“Whilst students are encouraged to self-report if they are self-isolating, there may be students who have not reported – this doesn’t mean that they are not following the current lockdown rules, of course, but it may mean that they have not necessarily reported this to the University.”

The university said they don’t know the total number of students who contracted the virus.

NTU added: “This information is not held by the University – this is because individuals may or may not suffer with symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Those individuals who do not suffer any symptoms (but may have contracted the virus) are referred to as asymptomatic.

“In addition, should an individual be suffering symptoms of the virus, they are expected to arrange to take an NHS COVID-19 test at any one of the NHS testing centres or via a home testing kit.

“The results of those tests are known by Public Health England and are not shared with the University.

“Therefore, the University is unable to confirm the number of students who have or may have received a positive NHS COVID-19 NHS test where the individual felt that they were suffering symptoms of the virus. Therefore, this information is not held.”

By Olimpia Zagnat / Platform News Team

Lead image: Olimpia Zagnat

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