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Rock City staff have been accused of ‘sexist’ behaviour

Staff at a popular venue for Trent students have been accused of sexism, after an incident on Saturday night.

A group of female students from the University of Nottingham were on a night out to Rock City on Saturday 8 December when behaviour from bouncers and bartenders left them feeling uncomfortable.

“My friend was getting with a boy on the sofas at Rock City, and a female bouncer comes up to her and whispered ‘you’re a hussy,'” one of the girls, who wish to remain anonymous, claims.

“Meanwhile another male bouncer told the boy: ‘It’s great you met this girl but if it goes any further you should leave.'”

The girl and her friends were disgusted by the double standards in how the pair were treated – and they say the mistreatment continued when all the girls associated with the incident were refused service at the bar.

“We got refused by a female bartender even though we were sober, and she told another bartender not to serve us.

“Can’t stress how sober we actually were, so we don’t understand what caused this.”

The girls suspect the refusal of service was to do with the bouncers who insulted their friend, especially as this isn’t the first time Rock City staff have been accused of sexism.

One of the girls Facebook posts on a popular selling group about the incident prompted a flood of comments from people who have had similar experiences, as well as accounts of bouncers ‘grinding on very drunk girls’ and ‘chanting that customers were ugly’.

In the comments, people said staff members need to ‘grow up’, as well as girls calling out the female bouncer for not supporting girls who are already at risk on a night out.

Rock City management has been contacted for a comment.

By Katie Ansell

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