When students can return to accommodation and collect their belongings

The Department for Education (DfE) has provided guidance on how students can collect their belongings from their accommodation.

Students were encouraged to return to their permanent homes when the Government issued a lockdown on travel in March due to coronavirus.

It meant that, for many, students were returning home with much of their possessions.

Now, though, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has begun to ease the restrictions with data proving that we have gone over the peak of the virus.

Advice from the Government remains that students and their families should stay at home as much as possible.

However, the DfE has clarified whether the relaxation of restrictions includes students returning to their accommodation to collect their belongings.

They say that students who live in university accommodation can travel to recover their belongings but they must discuss a date and time with their provider.

Students living in private accommodation can also collect their belongings but must contact their landlord directly.

The DfE has warned that students may need to wait a number of weeks in order for “appropriate social distancing to be maintained.”

They continue to state that if you are unable to collect your possession as you are self-isolating or are unable to travel that, “accommodation providers should store your items for collection at a further date.”

Michelle Donelan, Minister for Universities, said of the news: “The Government is doing all it can to keep staff and students at our universities safe during this unprecedented situation while mitigating the impact on people’s education.

“As Universities Minister, I understand that this is an extremely difficult time and I want to reassure you that we are putting students at the heart of all our work.”

The Minister added: ” Universities are independent and unlike schools they are responsible for the decisions they take in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Action taken by one university might not be best for another. The Government will support the sector to do what is best for students up and down the country.”

Students may be required to cover the costs of this service, but the DfE assures students that they “would not expect a provider to make a profit from such a service.”

The advice issued by the DfE today (May 22) applies to students currently living in England.

Students wishing to travel from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or abroad must follow the travel guidance relevant to that nation, including advice for any return trip.

This cross-border travel includes those coming from overseas abiding by any further measures the UK government introduces.

University Partnerships Programme, who manage most of the accommodations at Nottingham Trent University, have been approached for more details.

By Matthew Lee

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