Everything you need to know if you’re living at Liberty Point

After my first year in a different accommodation which questionably claimed to have been “recently refurbished” but resembled a prison cell, Liberty Living felt like a palace to me. Firstly, can I just mention that the black leather sofas in the living area are comfy enough to sleep on and trust me, I’m talking from experience! From going from a place that had next to no natural lighting in my first year to a place with huge windows in the living area and a decent sized window in the bedroom, it was definitely a massive upgrade.. despite being cheaper in price!


Liberty Living is only a 15 min leisurely walk from Uni although I promise you can make it in half that time when you’re running late for lectures. It is conveniently located just around the corner from Aldi which makes big shops so much easier and cheaper. One tip, the quickest way to Uni is cutting through Vic Centre but you just have to try to not get distracted with all the window shopping.

While there may be the odd dodgy neighbour in the estate nearby, the streets are always filled with students so you feel very safe. And once you’re in the accommodation, you feel very secure with a 24hour onsite security man available should you need him.

Living space

While I had a few issues such as barely any of the channels working on the living area TV and a freezer which clearly didn’t understand its role as a freezer, these are all issues expected in student accommodation.

As for the bathrooms, I had an en-suite which I honestly could not live without. It’s small but perfectly sized for one person and thank God they’re not wet rooms!

Storage is great as there is under-bed storage with built-in drawers. The wardrobe is a lot bigger than it initially appears on the outside and if you’re anything like my flat, there’s space behind the sofas in the living area to keep all your suitcases if you’re traveling overseas.

While I didn’t ever use the common room except for when the fire alarms went off in the middle of a cold October’s night (Halloween ironically), they did seem very good and included a study area, small cinema room, and pool table/gaming area.


It is a very diverse accommodation which I loved as I met people from around the world and if you like trying new things, you should definitely try some of their home-cooked dinners.


Liberty Living is also great at organizing social events if you’re interested in meeting people from other flats and are great at celebrating days such as pancake day!

Overall, Liberty Living is in a great location and is perhaps slightly pricier than some other places but you do get what you pay for, especially as all bills are included. I stayed in Phase 1 which I really enjoyed. I will be moving to Phase 2 for my final year which is exclusive to second and third-year students only. I recommended Liberty Living to my upcoming flatmate and would highly recommend it to anybody else too!

By Katie Sharman

Photo Courtesy of Meet in Nottingham

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