Everything you need to know about the ERASMUS+ program

The ERASMUS+ program is a scheme that allows over 750,000 students from across Europe to work, study or gain experience abroad, in another European country.

The current ERASMUS+ program runs from 2014 until 2020 and relies upon the funding of over $1 billion that is reserved specifically, to allow UK based companies to send students and employees abroad to further their education and training.

Within the programme, there are 33 participating countries, including 27 within the European Union, and 5 non-EU territories (Iceland, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein and the Republic of North Macedonia), where students can spend a year or semester abroad.

In 2017, 797,000 people in Europe chose to study, train or work abroad using the ERASMUS+ scheme.

Within Nottingham Trent University, the opportunity to study and work abroad is not limited to language students but is also available to students of many other subjects through NTU’s Global Lounge.

As a previous ERASMUS+ student, I took the opportunity to spend a year in Madrid and study at one of Nottingham Trent’s partner universities. This opportunity is key to not only develop a foreign language and personal confidence, but this experience can also help develop cultural awareness and transferable skills.

Recently, there have been fears that Brexit could have a possible effect on the ERASMUS+ program in the future

For more information about the ERASMUS+ program and how you can get involved, get in touch with NTU’s Global Lounge.

By Faith Pring

Photo courtesy of Trip Savvy

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