Photo Gallery: Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland back in full swing

Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland is back in full swing after downsizing in previous years due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Nottingham’s Christmas Market has taken over Old Market Square with 60 stalls, a ferris wheel and ice skating that takes you above the market.

The market is full of homemade gifts, food stalls and experiences (like the observation wheel) including sweet stalls, cheese stalls, homemade jewellery, and bars.

There are two ice skating rinks, one on the ground level and the other a 200-metre rink raised above the market and crowds.

The ferris wheel is another attraction that offers the opportunity to view the market from above.

Although most of it takes place in Old Market Square, some of the stalls continue on out of the central area, down past where Primark is located.

The Winter Wonderland, now back in full scale, opened on November 15 and will stay open until December 31 for those wanting to visit, except for Christmas day.

It’s open from 11 am until 5:30 pm with the wheel and bars staying open longer.

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Lead image: Reagan Yip


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