Sun-kissed by Zach Omitowoju

You left without much of a trace,

That it was almost like a race.

To you.

It was, you? It was you.

All of this was for you.

The emotions once hit me like water at sub-zero temperatures and they were real because I felt them.

Thank you for showing me how much I do not need to rely on you anymore. Time did its thing and moved forward, and I was fortunate enough to move with it.

Everything else has changed for the better, but you will still be you and whether that is ok or not is none of my business anymore, even though we may both care deep down.

The flowers will still bloom.

The sun will still shine

and I thank God, because he has shown me that tomorrow, will still come.    

But today is a new day. The days shall now be longer and my love will be stronger, until, I have someone like you come back in a few months, thanks to time, the same time ironically also moves forward.

The temperature you left me in was so low, that my mood became so too. Perhaps I needed the ice so I could feel the sun again in my life.

He asked me why I left the cold dark, and I replied:

The sun kissed me when you didn’t.  

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