The Woman

Horror movies never really scared me, despite my avid belief in ghosts and everything paranormal. Ghosts weren’t at the top of my fears list, at least not now. I watched movie after movie, none of them really fazing me.

Only the stupidity of some of the characters got to me as I yelled at the screen, telling them not to follow the noise.

When my Grandad died and I started to feel as though someone was watching me, I just thought it was him. I just thought he was watching over me. Then, the feeling became constant, a daily occurrence. I constantly felt someone over my shoulder, watching my every move. Again, I pretended like it was him or my grandmother. Acknowledging it could be anything else sent a chill down my spine.

This became harder to do when I remembered the little girl at the end of the stairs. She was there whenever I was home alone, watching me from over the railing as I watched TV or did homework. She became easier to ignore as she appeared more and more. I told myself that if anything bad was going to happen it would have already. That didn’t stop the panic flooding through me every time I looked around and there she was.

Then, I moved to university. Living on your own for the first time is a difficult experience but adding a woman standing at your door staring at you makes it a frightening one as well. I think the first time I saw her I was getting ready for bed and I glanced towards the door and there she was, dark curly hair and pale skin. I blinked and she was gone. Even though my light was on and it made it harder to hallucinate that kind of thing, I told myself it was a dressing gown and that I was just tired. After all, I wasn’t exactly sleeping well.

I was very wrong. A month or two later I was getting ready for bed once again. I was lying down, ready to turn my fairy lights off when she appeared again. She was right by my bed, looking down at me. It was the same woman, dark hair, pale skin. I blinked and she was gone again.

I haven’t seen her since but I feel like someone is with me most of the time. My bed shakes randomly at night as I’m trying to fall asleep. So, I cover my mirrors at night. They always felt different when the sun set, like it wasn’t quite me looking back. They did say that mirrors are gateways, especially when facing another.

The woman has yet to return.

I don’t want to know what will happen when she finally reaches me.

By Rose Edwards

Lead Image: Pixabay

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