Tutorial: Valentines Day makeup look

Wether you’re teasing on tinder, flirting with friends or dazzling on date-night, we’ve got the lovesick look to lustre. With freshly flushed skin to smitten over and luscious lashes to flutter; our gorgeously glistening look will lure in the lovebirds and seduce the singletons. 

So, get dressed for a date with diamonds and romance with red lippy where your face will be adorned with the makeup affection we’ve all been missing!

To begin this valentines venture, you want to start with a fresh exfoliated and moisturised face, allowing your skin to provide a smooth surface for your foundation.

We used L’Oréal True Match for this look, as we love its extensive shade range and hint of glitter which gives a glow finish, but feel free to work with whatever best suits your skin type.

Create a fresh and natural base with minimal contouring

Try to avoid harsh contouring here as we want the skin to appear fresh and radiant however a little bronzer swept across the temple and cheek works wonders in warming the face and providing definition. 

To enhance that valentines crush flush, you want to next take a cream blusher and press it into the skin of your cheekbones eyelids and brow bone . Use your fingers for this as their warmth beautifully melts the product into your skin, helping give a velvety sheen.  You could blend the blusher across your nose and into the hairline to effortlessly enhance that gorgeous glow. We used the Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate Red Balm which hydrates as well as radiates that rosiness.

Now your looking flushed, it’s time to glisten and adorn your face with the diamonds it deserves.

Here we used the Glow Revolution Illuminating body and face spray; directing it towards the freshly blushed temples as well as into the hairline as if you’ve been showering in sparkles. It’s preferred to use a spray as the fine mist delicately dances across the skin, but any product with a bit of sparkle will do the job.

To tease out your look of love, you want to exaggerate your eyes and allow them to be captivate your Valentine; even if that is just looking in the mirror!  

To do this, take a red lipstick and with a small angled brush, run it along the lower lash line starting with the inner corner. This doesn’t need to be precise as it’s just a base for the lower lashes to lie. You can drag this line out to form a wing yet don’t make this too harsh as you want it to appear natural and romantic. At this stage, you might appear like you’ve rubbed your eyes raw from heartbreak however in a few steps of self love, broken hearts will hurt no more.

Now you have a beautiful base of shimmering skin and flushed cheeks, using that same angled brush and lipstick,  draw outwards from that previous line to replicate the shape of lushes lashes.

You don’t want to draw directly downwards here but simply follow the natural curve of you lash-line and softly stroke outwards towards your ears. We’ve done this around four times, yet repeat as many times as you desire for a fuller flutter. To provide some more definition and clean up any wobbly ‘lashes’, take a baby pink lipstick and repeat the process between each lash. Drag this pink all the way to to inner corner so you real eye and drawn lashes seamlessly blend together.

Just when you thought you couldn’t glisten any more, you want to encrust your inner corner with crystals and allow your brows to be buried in their beauty. We’ve used a chunky face glitter and applied it using a small angled brush here yet theres no limitations so take whatever you fancy and flourish in its flamboyance. Drag the glitter through the brows and apply your favourite mascara – we used the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Wow Wing.

If your worried about you brows being lost in lavishness, take either a tinted brow gel or your preferred products to define your brows as much or as little as you like

We couldn’t of done a Valentines look without including a love heart somewhere. Embrace a love heart lip and get out your most romantic red. Using your smallest brush, start with the bottom point and trace the outline of the heart to hug your natural lip curve where the centre of the heart reaches the dip of your Cupid’s bow.

Don’t worry if it’s not perfect; take a cotton bud and makeup remover to clean up any lines and then proceed to fill in those luscious lips of yours.  

And your ready to take on whatever today has in store with your fierce and bold Valentines look!

By Eleanor Ephgrave

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