Foals Forever: The indie rock band rule triumphant as their Life Is Yours UK Tour comes to an end

Foals performed at Castlefield Bowl  in Manchester as headliners for Sounds of The City, on the 8th July. This sold out gig had the crowd feral with their explosive setlist.

This 2000’s band have had quite the journey with original band members including keyboard player Edwin Congreave leaving. However, this has not stopped them from creating another well-crafted album. The Life Is Yours Tour had support acts including Goat Girl and Yard Act.

Foals entered the stage to one of their new singles Wake Me Up. This song kickstarted their set with a groovy bass line and catchy chorus. Their set showcased the new album with songs like 2001 and 2am bringing all the summer vibes to the heart of Manchester. Their new album includes idealistic lyrics with more pop-like instrumentals compared to their past six.

The audience were impatient to hear classic tunes like My Number which was met with excitement by fans. The entire amphitheatre screamed the ageless lyrics. Mountain at My Gates, had heads bopping with powerful guitar work from Yannis Philippakis and Jimmy Smith. The pair elevated the tune into something even more intense.

Personally, my favourite song from the show has to be In Degrees from their album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part I. This tune is undeniably their coolest song to date. The dance track relies heavily on the synth and Yannis’ potent vocals to breathe life into this clever song.

Foals performed songs from their seventh album Life Is Yours whilst taking fans back with songs from the early 2000s.

Fans were amazed to hear songs from Foals’ beloved first album like Olympic Airways which went down a treat. As well as, Black Gold from their album Total Life Forever. Watching Foals perform these older songs demonstrated how much they have matured over the years. The Oxford based band  have developed their own sound as they have evolved .

The fast-paced set ended as they performed Spanish Sahara which relaxed the excitable crowd. This thoughtful song had the crowd tranquil, admiring the sky as it darkened. This peaceful setting did not last for long as they went on to play fierce rock songs.

Inhaler brings a more exotic sound to their music with Yannis’ almighty vocals making the crowd go feral whilst mosh-pitting as well as Providence.

They performed What Went Down which led to the lead singer leaving the stage to perform with the crowd. This unforgettable moment consisted of Yannis giving his all with aggressive-sounding vocals alongside the outstanding bass for this hard rock hit.

The gig ended with their march Two Steps Twice which has been used as their final song on setlists for most of their shows since they formed in 2005. The 2008 hit brought the crowd together one last time, the energetic song built up into a hectic chant which everyone participated in.

After seven albums and numerous tours I could not recommend seeing this band enough. Their music is timeless, and their live performances do not disappoint.


Photo Credit: Louise Walt




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