P1Harmony Are Back And ‘Killin’ It’ Again

Written by: Aisha Alli-Balogun

Three years into their debut, they have been capturing the hearts and attentions of many all over the world.

If you are new to P1Harmony, the six-member group stands out with sound and style as they effortlessly blend hip-hop, dance beats and pop to create colourful and catchy music that goes along with complex choreography.

The group radiates such energy especially since every member brings their own charms that capture the hearts of fans easily. It’s hard not to root for them as they work so hard to produce music which is making a global impact.

Their first album, Killin’ It, includes 10 songs written by the members themselves, as Jongseob co-wrote the entire album alongside other collaborators, whereas Keeho, Jiung and Intak helped write and compose many other tracks.

The album starts off strong with the title track, ‘Killin’ It’, as it is made of a catchy tune, a well-executed rap verse and a flow that pays a dedication to classic K-Pop and 90 Hip-Hop. It has fans, including me, going crazy all over the world as the song as well as the choreography is very catchy and brings a lot of energy. You can feel the creativity throughout the song as it is strong and energetic.

The next song is another favourite of mine, ‘Late Night Calls’ as it gives off smooth R&B vibes. It has a heartwarming beat paired with an acoustic guitar melody that ties everything together beautifully. It’s the perfect song to sway to as it then picks up into a dance beat. Even the lyrics make you want to enjoy having romantic late-night calls with your crush- a perfect fit for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

‘Everybody Clap’ is an upbeat track that involves free-styling chanting and claps which is a fun way for the group to interact with their fans. It helps bring the fans closer to the members as it is a track that everyone can enjoy.

‘Love Story’ and ‘Countdown To Love’ have two different but distinctive sounds as they have a sound that makes you feel happy. ‘Love Story’ has a more easy-listening sound as the lyrics project the feeling of wanting a love that is like a story. On the other hand, ‘Countdown To Love’ is more of an enthusiastic track that says love can conquer everything that is negative. It’s hard not to just smile and enjoy both of them as you can just enjoy the melodies while being in their world of music. That’s what makes them both added to my favourites.

The next song ‘Emergency’ is definitely a song that will wake you up as the song starts with a faint siren. It’s a song with a bit of edge from the electric guitar riffs but also has high-energy pop and hip-hop fusion. The rap verses contribute towards the edgy feeling but the vocals help balance out the energy and leave you feeling entranced by how captivating the song is.

‘2Nite’ is a different track as it’s more of a funky track for you to enjoy and let loose too. It is a different sound compared to the usual K-pop and Hip-Hop style but the lyrics make you want to enjoy the night away and just have fun.

‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘Street Star’ both have the signature style and sound that fans know P1Harmony for. ‘Let Me Love You’ is definitely one that will get stuck in your head whereas, ‘Street Star’ is more of a track that will boost your confidence and is about how the members feel when they hear the cheers of their fans.

As for the final track, ‘I See U’ is a song dedicated to the fans, who are known as P1ece. This beautiful and touching song is like a thank-you letter to the fans who continue to show their support for the group but how can we not, especially when it is clear that they put so much of their time and dedication into their music?

Their first album is one I undeniably recommend as every track is different but it all ties together so well. The visuals for the album are eye-catching and match the energy of the music as it is fresh but complements their individual personalities that we all love. With only three years in the industry, the album proves how hard they have worked to get to where they are now and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Featured Image Credit: @p1h_official on Instagram

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