Groubook: The Nottingham-founded app making students’ social lives ‘easier and cheaper’

We’re all familiar with the inconvenience of trying to arrange plans with a group of friends, whether that be booking a table, splitting the bill, or trying to find the best deals to suit everyone. That’s why NTU alumnus, Samantha Famulare, came together with Bradley Gough and Ollie Pod to create Groubook.

Groubook provides an easy-to-use app for group bookings, orders, and discounts, making it easier when organising plans with your friends without the extra hassle.

The app has offers in four categories including food, drinks, events, and activities, so, whether you’re looking to get a few drinks, have dinner at a restaurant, or even enjoy a coffee, there’s something for everyone.

I interviewed Samantha Famulare, one of the founders of Groubook, to find out more about the app from her perspective:

Q: What makes Groubook different?

A: There is no other app that focuses on when groups go out. As uni students, we all have our different groups, for example, you have your flatmates, your coursemates, your societies, sports teams, clubs, etc. Using Groubook will save students money and time when going out with their friends. Unlike popular apps such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, Groubook is focused on when you’re physically going out and attending a bar, restaurant or event.

Q: Why should students use Groubook?

A: Anyone can use our app, but I see ourselves as something that’s essential for uni students. Groubook provides solutions to common problems students face when going out with friends, whether that be waiting in long queues, searching for discounts, or choosing where to go. Students will save time by pre-booking on the app and will save money through our offers, additional promotions and student discounts.

Q: Do you find that because you were a student at NTU not too long ago, this helps you make decisions on what students are looking for?

A: Yes definitely! I have a good understanding of what uni students really want from an app: something that’s rewarding, more efficient, and cost-effective. When I was a student I was going out at least three times a week with my basketball team. Whether it was getting dinner, going on a bar crawl, or even going for a coffee. While it was fun going out with my friends, it was a pain at times getting a table for a group, waiting in long queues, not getting any discounts, splitting the bill, and not being rewarded for going to the same places. That’s where Groubook comes in.

Q: You mention being on the basketball team at NTU, how can sports teams and societies benefit from the app?

A: NTU societies and teams would benefit greatly from using Groubook as I know how much of a hassle it can be to organise socials! Whether that be booking the venue, chasing down friends for money, or looking for student discounts, our app solves these problems. The ‘pay a mate’ feature also simplifies the process of paying a friend. For example, if a society president pre-books a dinner, members can easily go on the app and pay them back. This is an easier alternative to handing out your bank details or withdrawing cash. We also reward our users every time they book – you’ll unlock rewards like free food, drinks, or additional discounts when you use the app several times. From a society’s point of view, if you go out a lot throughout the year, using Groubook will not only help get discounted prices, but also earn your society a reward.

Q: What places can students expect to find on the Groubook app?

A: Students will find some of their favourite places on Groubook and they’ll discover new places too! Through the app, you can pre-book a variety of different venues around campus and the city of Nottingham. We work with national chains but also independent businesses as well. We are a Nottingham-founded company and we love to work with local independents when we can. Whether you’re looking to get a few drinks, get entry into a nightclub, get coffee, or even go mini-golfing there’s something for you.

Two NTU students had the chance to try out Groubook and shared their experiences.

Bobbie Hall, a 22-year-old Fashion Communication and Promotion student said: “The app helped me and my friends book a great deal at BOHNS Best Burgers! The app was easy to use and helped me to identify where I could potentially go out in Nottingham. I will definitely be using the app again in the future!”

Radhika Mistry, a 22-year-old Business Management and Marketing student also had positive things to say about the Nottingham app.

She said: “Using the app could not be more simple. I’ve used the Groubook app on a few occasions now and can honestly say the experience has been great. You type in your location and select a category, whether that be food, drinks, or events, then choose the place you would like to go, the type of meal/drink you want to order, the number of people going, and then pay – it couldn’t be more straightforward. My friends and I were able to access great deals on the app as well!”

Groubook has provided all NTU students with an exclusive discount code when they download the app, giving 10 per cent off when using ‘Trent2021’ at checkout.


By Karima Morsli

Featured image: Groubook

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