Nottingham Petanque Club re-opens after almost a year with the Firecracker Open Triples

After being closed for almost a year due to health and safety reasons, the City Petanque Club re-opened with a tournament on November 5.

The club initially had problems with a leak in the roof in the Pavillion affecting the electrics of the building and following this, the City Council changed the locks.

Power and water were lost repairs couldn’t be taken on until the new financial year but now the issues are solved and the club are hoping to take control of the Pavillion.

Neil Hunt, Chairman of the Nottingham City Petanque Club, said: “We lost some members who didn’t renew because of the issues and we’ve lost money because you probably lose out on the ability to host the competitions because somebody else has stepped in and so it’s been difficult.

Neil Hunt, preparing to take his shot in his opening game of the tournament

“I understand the city council’s position they obviously with money shortage stuff, and we’re probably not high on their priority list.

“But what they have said though, is that that building is of no use to them anymore; subject to various things we could take it over, but we will need a lease.”

To visit their website go to or to get involved and play the club meets on Tuesday at 7 pm, Thursday at 10 am or Sunday at 2 pm.

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