Global poverty vs The Borgen Project: what they and you can do.

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The Borgen Project looks to tackle the vast problem of Global Poverty: Delara Baria reports how this is done. 

Extreme global poverty is a pervasive issue that affects around 736 million people across the globe. It feels like a pretty crazy, unfathomable number but imagine the population of the UK being in extreme poverty… then multiply that by 10. This rampant issue means that 1 in 10 people in developing regions live on less than $1.90 per day. 

Economic hardships aside, the severe multidimensional poverty that affects so many lives is rampant. Multi-dimensional poverty refers to not only economic factors, but also encompasses aspects of daily life such as healthcare, education, and adequate living standards. In the UK, we have the NHS, access to sanitary water and safe, sufficient food. We have this standard in this country, but so many people across the world do not have access to the same luxuries. 

What is The Borgen Project? 

The founder of The Borgen Project, Clint Borgen, began this non-profit following his time volunteering in refugee camps during the Kosovo War. Upon seeing the devastation caused by these extreme conditions, Clint recognised that the U.S. political landscape was lacking in their focus on global poverty.  

We at The Borgen Project believe that global poverty can be eradicated through government intervention from some of the world’s most powerful nations. Without addressing the issues, global poverty is running rampant and there is certainly aid we can provide, but this is only if our leaders are willing to take the necessary steps to improve the lives of those most in need. World leaders make their decisions based on public demand, so we can all make a difference if we try. 

Since its humble beginnings, The Borgen Project has expanded to the UK in hopes of making a change to our government’s political focus on global issues. 

What can we do? 

Change is only possible if we make it so. The Borgen Project has grown exponentially since 2003 when it was founded, and the non-profit utilises its large number of volunteers and interns to lobby for political change. By campaigning for government intervention using the overseas budget, we can begin to make a difference. 

In the UK, Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) (  is the primary piece of legislation that can provide aid to developing countries. If enough members of the general public support an increase in funding, the ODA has the potential to change the lives of a significant amount of people in low-income countries. 

There are many ways we can encourage the UK government’s global intervention: 

Writing letters in support of funding for the ODA (,  

Sending emails to local MPs ( 

Even simply raising awareness of the issue (  

I am extremely passionate about alleviating the pressure of multidimensional across the world, which is why I’m writing this article today – to raise further awareness of this endemic issue. As a university student myself, I know how privileged I am to be in the position I am in, with access to quality education here at Trent, sufficient healthcare through the NHS, and a roof over my head.  

Donating (, campaigning, lobbying, and raising awareness is something we all have the capability to do to make significant progress. Let’s all do our bit to make this world stronger. 

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